A Positive Attitude

When Susan Tamlin approaches, you can bet the forecast will be clear skies and sunshine. No, she doesn’t possess some rare meteorological secret or a mystical power over the weather. The kind of sun Susan brings radiates from her warm, upbeat personality. It’s no wonder she once had the nickname “Sunshine.” Bringing her decidedly positive attitude into all situations, she always lets the sunshine in.

Positive Energy

Fueled by the power of positivity, Susan has the unique ability to get even the most difficult tasks done. In fact, her upbeat attitude usually adds a healthy dose of fun to the mix. It’s not too difficult to picture her as an executive assistant for the entertainment-driven Nickelodeon Studios, one of her favorite jobs. With her boss gone three days a week, she was entrusted with the responsibility of running the office. While such a prospect would overwhelm many of us, the ever-positive Susan managed to keep things moving forward with her unique blend of energy and optimism.

Recognizing Susan’s value, Nickelodeon gave her an opportunity to help produce a Christmas video. Relishing the chance to try something completely new, she jumped right into the challenge with all rockets firing. Everything seemed to come at her at once. There was endless production scheduling, meetings, budgeting and editing. But Susan kept all the pieces in place and produced a successful video, while satisfying the demands of her full-time position.

Warming Their Hearts

Even when Susan is not hard at work, her positive attitude shines through in everything she does. She has a wide array of hobbies and outside interests, such as theater-going and antique shopping. But what she finds most rewarding is helping needy famlies during the holidays. “I love to watch their joyful faces when they finally receive their gifts,” she says.

With You Every Step of the Way

As in her personal life, Susan brings the power of positivity to the world of real estate. Thanks to her upbeat personality, she has the unique ability to charge through the world of real estate and seize the choicest opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. Should a challenge arise, she’ll meet it head-on. You can rest assured Susan will be right in your corner every step of the way. In fact, don’t be surprised if she helps to make the entire experience just a little more fun.

Ready For Action

With a wealth of experience in all levels of the real estate process, Susan Tamlin is fully committed to the success of her clients. Determined to make buying or selling a positive experience for everyone, she’ll work tirelessly to ensure all your goals are met. Whether you’re hunting for the ideal home or the best price for a property you’re selling, she’ll set her sites firmly on getting the job done. And she won’t tire until she’s reached her objective.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in the Orlando area, go with a proven professional. With a combination of high energy and a positive approach, Susan considers every real estate opportunity a personal quest. And the quest is never over until she’s achieved success for her clients. The opportunities are waiting for you and Susan will help you make the most of them. Call Susan today and she’ll Let the Sunshine In.